DOT Exams in El Paso

DOT Exams

There are many professions that require a DOT (Department of Transportation) exam to qualify before doing work. This includes any job that gets paid to operate a motor vehicle that will hold 9 to 15 passengers, truck driving, or transporting hazardous waste. You may also be required to take DOT exams if you travel above a certain distance to and from work. The DOT requires that only a certified medical professional administers the exam. Dr. Annette Griego, FNP conducts these exams on a regular basis.

What Does a DOT exam consist of?

During the exam, the doctor will conduct a full assessment to ensure you are fit to operate a motor vehicle. The test also includes drug and alcohol testing. First, the doctor will take down information about your medical history and ask you to list your medications. If anything comes up from your medical history, the doctor may ask further questions. She will then take your vitals which will include pulse and blood pressure. Your vision and hearing will be tested as well. Usually, the doctor will check for dizziness, vision or hearing impairments, and a history of seizures. Since these ailments can impair your driving, it’s important to test for these things beforehand as not to endanger yourself and others.

The doctor will also discuss anything that stands out in your medical history or current condition, if necessary. She will document the results on the DOT exam form and then determine whether or not you meet the standards. If you do not require any medical monitoring and your exam goes smoothly, your certificate will be valid for two years. However, if something is concerning about your health, the doctor might issue a certificate that lasts for three months, six months, or one year. She will also annotate if you must wear a hearing aid or corrective lenses.

In addition, the DOT examiner will test to see if you’re able to differentiate street sign colors and symbols. This is an important factor people look for when granting commercial driver’s licenses. It is a process that entails a lot of steps but is fairly easy and quick.

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