Debunking Myths About Type 1 Diabetes

Did you know that roughly 15,000 children in the United States are diagnosed with diabetes every year? Because such a high number have or are diagnosed with diabetes, there’s a lot of discussion regarding the disease, but a lot of this “discussion” happens to be myths that are spread around via the internet and word […]

5 Facts About Children’s Vaccinations You Should Know

Children’s vaccinations have been a controversial topic in recent years. However, vaccines are an essential part of our lives. Since vaccines were implemented in societies around the world, millions and millions of lives have been saved. Vaccines have been able to stave off life-threatening diseases, like measles and pertussis. Here are five facts you should […]

Why Are DOT Exams Important?

Have you ever driven down the freeway and got nervous when a semi-truck pulled up next to you? If you have, you’re not alone. In fact, even semi-truck drivers get nervous to have such a large vehicle sharing the road with them–even though they drive said large vehicles for a living. But did you know […]

Prepare for Back to School With Children’s Physicals

It’s officially September…also known as back to school season! You’ve done it all for your child. They’ve got a new backpack, new shoes, school supplies, hand sanitizer, the whole nine yards, but have you taken them to get a children’s physical? Yearly children’s physicals are important for making sure your child is healthy. Plus, they […]

Which Vaccines Does My Pre-Teen Need?

Visiting the doctor’s office with a young child is usually because they are do for vaccines. These visits usually involve tears, lollipops, and accusatory glares from your child, since you took them to get the shot. However, as your child gets older, it’s easier for them to understand the importance of vaccines. Your child should […]

Talking to Your Kids About the Importance of Visiting a Family Clinic

We all know that taking our children to the doctor regularly is important. Whether it’s for yearly checkups or routine vaccinations, we have to stay on top of our children’s health. That’s where a family clinic comes in. A family clinic can be your one-stop-shop for you and your family’s healthcare. Sometimes, though, getting our […]

How Often Should I Take My Child to a Pediatric Clinic

It’s common knowledge that when your child is sick, you need to take them to a pediatric clinic. Besides those cases, how often should you really be taking them? Well, it’s always important to take your child for routine vaccinations, checkups, and physicals. At El Paso Family and Pediatric Clinic, we help you take care […]

How to Live with a Chronic Disease

A chronic disease is one that lasts longer than three months. These types of illnesses usually cannot be prevented by vaccines or cured by medication. They also cannot just disappear. In fact, almost 90 percent of Americans over 65 years of age have at least one chronic health condition as they tend to become more […]

What is Involved in Diabetes Care?

Diabetes is a condition that occurs when the body does not properly turn food into glucose, or sugar, so that the body can use it for energy. This is done by the pancreas, an organ that can be found near the stomach. It makes a hormone called insulin in order to help glucose get into […]

Walk-In Clinics Are Accessible, Affordable, And Convenient

Emergencies and sickness call for the best health care possible. When it comes to quick and quality health care, walk-in clinics are becoming more and more popular. So why do people choose to walk into a clinic rather than wait at a hospital or emergency room? It’s just that: the wait and the quality of […]