Walk-In Clinics Are Accessible, Affordable, And Convenient

Emergencies and sickness call for the best health care possible. When it comes to quick and quality health care, walk-in clinics are becoming more and more popular. So why do people choose to walk into a clinic rather than wait at a hospital or emergency room? It’s just that: the wait and the quality of […]

Tips for Preparing for Your DOT Exam

Truck drivers need DOT exams as a condition of employment. It allows drivers to receive a medical certification. It is generally valid for up to two years. This information is transmitted and stored electronically in the Commercial Driver’s License Information System. If you suffer from Diabetes, vision, hearing, or physical impairment, you may still qualify, […]

To Call or Not to Call: When Children’s Physicals Indicate to Call a Specialized Doctor

As parents, we prioritize the health of our children. We make sure they get adequate nutrition, we enforce proper bedtimes, and we insist that they have consistent children’s physicals and check-ups with knowledgeable children’s physicians. Despite our best efforts, however, it isn’t possible to prevent our children from being exposed to strains of sickness while […]

What Parents Need to Know About Vaccines

If you are wondering whether vaccines are a good idea, you are probably aware of the array of diverse opinions that surround this topic. In the face of seemingly conflicting opinions and confusing information, it can be challenging for parents to make an informed decision about whether or not to vaccinate their children. Here are […]

Eating Around the Dinner Table: Tips from a Family Clinic

Between work, soccer games, band practice, and necessary errands, it can be hard for families to find even a half of an hour to eat dinner together. Feeling stretched for time and resources, many families opt for takeout in front of the television or fast food on the way to another activity. While there is […]

Celebrate Youth Sports Safety Month with a Sports Physical

April is National Youth Sports Safety Month. When children play sports, they develop unique skills and qualities that they take with them throughout the rest of their lives. In fact, there are many upsides to children playing sports. Unfortunately, there’s potential for a lot of downsides, especially if children don’t receive proper children’s physicals before […]

Lifestyle Changes to Expect When Living with Diabetes

Being diagnosed with diabetes means making a number of lifestyle changes. Most of these will have to do with your diet. This is because your blood sugar is no longer working in a normal way. As such, many of your favorite foods may now be on the no eat list or the restricted eating list. […]

The Importance of Walk-In Clinics

Regardless of the reason that you are unable to get to your primary care physician, or if you simply do not have one, walk-in clinics offer immediate treatment and flexible office hours when sudden health issues arise. In addition, they are also reliable and affordable. Walk-in clinics focus on helping people with acute illnesses and […]

What to Expect During a DOT Exam

If you are interested in driving a commercial vehicle for your profession, then one of the things that you will have to do is be examined by a doctor in order to prove that you are capable and healthy enough to do so. The health standards are determined by the FMCSA and each DOT exam […]