5 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Healthy this Winter

The cold weather is here in El Paso! People are bundled up and waiting for the snow to fall. But with cold weather comes more seasonal sicknesses. Since these illnesses can affect children more than adults, you should have a plan for keeping you and your kids healthy this winter. Having a  plan will reduce […]

How To Change Your Diet To Prevent Diabetes

The global pandemic highlighted the need to understand and manage chronic diseases. Conversations surrounding health came to the forefront as people confronted the difficulties of the covid spread. When it comes to diabetes, there are significant lifestyle changes that a person can implement to improve health and prevent such diseases from emerging—especially when a person […]

Tips to Maintain Your Weight Management Goals 2022

The rippling effects of covid 19 have had at least one silver lining: it has brought the conversation about health, lifestyle, and overall wellness to the surface. It’s the topic of conversation across the dinner table, among physicians and their patients, and among families and friends. Yet, it’s not always easy to make a lifestyle […]

Understanding the Role of Family Medicine and Diabetes Treatment: 3 Things You Should Know

Diabetes is an ever-growing disease that affects millions of Americans every year. Over the past couple of decades, our understanding of the different types of diabetes has helped improve outcomes and enhance patient communication and increased preventative measures and promote lifestyle changes. The role of family medicine is to be on the frontlines of community […]

The Amazing Insight of the Ultrasound & What It Can Tell You About Your Baby

Every expectant mother looks forward to that first ultrasound image when they get to see their little one hanging out in their belly. Today, most mothers might not be able to imagine going through an entire pregnancy without this amazing technology. And yet, mothers before the 1970s mostly did. So what’s the story behind this […]

The Best Methods to Treat the Common Flu 

In the United States, the flu spreads the most during the fall and winter. The first day of fall is only a week away. Needless to say, the weather is already starting to change! For the most part, the fall season is already here. And along with a new season comes new viruses and illnesses. […]

How Hormone Replacement Therapy Works

“The Great Change,” “The Change of Life,” these phrases are often used to describe menopause for older women. Now, menopause is being discussed much more openly without euphemisms, and with good reason! Menopause symptoms are challenging. It’s usually diagnosed in women after their period hasn’t come for 12 months. It’s accompanied by vaginal dryness, pain during […]

Top 10 Healthy Summer Tips for Children

Summer vacation is an awesome opportunity for your kids to have healthy and nurturing experiences outside of the confines of school. There are countless benefits to letting your kids run around outside and even play in the dirt. The hottest season of the year also comes with some unique concerns when it comes to the health of […]