4 Tips for Dealing With Springtime Allergies

woman with allergiesSpring is a beautiful time of the year. The flowers are finally blooming after winter’s cold, harsh grasp on anything green and beautiful. The air is warming up. The sun is staying out later and later. Summer is close up on the horizon. Spring truly is great…except for seasonal allergies.

Seasonal allergies tend to hit the hardest in the spring. It’s a combination, especially here in El Paso, of blowing dust, pollen newly blooming flowers, scattered rain showers, windy conditions, and green fuzzy droppings of local trees blowing around everywhere, one of the biggest triggers of allergies. Dealing with allergies can be a nightmare. These tips, brought to you by El Paso Family and Pediatric Clinic can help you better manage them.

#1: Use a Dehumidifier in Your Home

A dehumidifier helps to eliminate dust and mold in your home, two leading causes of allergy flare-ups. A dehumidifier works by eliminating excess moisture in your home, which can lead to dust and mold buildup. The less dust and mold you have in your home, the fewer allergies you should get.

#2: Avoid Hanging Your Clothing to Dry Outside

While hanging our clothes to dry outside can be beneficial to the environment, it’s best to skip doing this during peak allergy seasons. When you hang your clothes outside, it allows for allergens like dust and pollen to build up on them, even if you can’t see it. Avoid doing this during the spring and fall allergy seasons.

#3: Run Your Air Conditioner

El Paso is steadily warming up, so you’ve probably either already run your air conditioner in 2019 or you’re gearing up to start running it again. Running your air conditioner can help keep the air in your home circulating, preventing dust from settling. If you’re experiencing bad allergies, try running your AC for a bit.

#4: Visit a Family Clinic

Visiting your family clinic is a good way to get advice from a doctor about what you can do to alleviate your allergies. They may prescribe you medication or help you utilize other tools and methods to make springtime allergies more bearable. If your allergies persist or get in the way of important things in life, be sure to visit a doctor!

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