Preparing for Spring: A Healthy To-Do List

family eating dinner togetherSpring is just around the corner. Before we know it, the temperatures will be warming up, the consistent springtime El Paso winds will return, and allergies will be in the air! Despite this, spring is the perfect time to start making healthier choices that can have a powerful impact on the rest of 2019 and beyond! This healthy to-do list brought to you by El Paso Family and Pediatric Clinic can help you implement healthier goals and activities into you and your children’s lifestyles.

Tip #1: Make Dinner at Least 4-5 Times a Week

While making dinner can be a hassle, it’s better to eat at home than it is to eat out too often. Preparing food at home can help to ensure you and your children aren’t consuming too much fast food, that everyone eats plenty of vegetables, fruits, and meat, and allows for you to sit down and eat a meal as a family, which studies have shown is incredibly important for development in children.

Tip #2: Schedule Regular Exercise and Activities

A family that exercises together, stays healthy together. And now that the temperatures are warming up, scheduling a weekly trip to the park, signing up for sports, and engaging in other activities is all that much easier. Exercising regularly can help make sure your family maintains healthy weights, produces endorphins that help people stay happier, and can make for great family bonding time.

Tip #3: Enforce Good Hygiene

Whether it’s sneezing into their elbows or ensuring they wash their hands every time they use the bathroom, enforcing good hygiene habits in your kids can help stop the spread of germs that cause the common cold, flu, and other viruses. Enforcing good hygiene habits, especially ones that your children may take with them when they’re at school, their friends’ houses, and other places with lots of other children, can help to reduce their chances of getting sick this spring, a time where it seems like a lot of people get sick.

Tip #4: Get Plenty of Sleep Every Night

Sleep is crucial for our overall well-being. Enforcing a bedtime every night, even on the weekends, can help your kids stay happy, healthy, focused, and bright!

Tip #5: Stay Up-To-Date On All Things Medical

Springtime is a good time to review what health and medical needs your child has this year, from ensuring they have an appointment for their yearly checkups to making sure they’re up to date on all of their vaccinations. Spring is a good time to start planning for the year ahead.

At El Paso Family and Pediatric Clinic, we’re dedicated to helping families maintain healthy lives. We hope these tips/to-do list helps you and your family have healthy, happy, and safe springtime and the rest of 2019!

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