Why Are DOT Exams Important?

truck driver smiling in truckHave you ever driven down the freeway and got nervous when a semi-truck pulled up next to you? If you have, you’re not alone. In fact, even semi-truck drivers get nervous to have such a large vehicle sharing the road with them–even though they drive said large vehicles for a living. But did you know that drivers undergo DOT exams–or Department of Transportation exams to determine if they’re physically fit for the job. Let’s go over what these exams accomplish.

What Do They Entail?

DOT exams examine many physical attributes to ensure aspiring truck drivers are physically adept to drive. This includes vision and hearing exams, an evaluation of their health history, and blood pressure exams. They also evaluate for a history of seizures, fainting, drowsiness, and other issues that could make them risk on the road. They will also test for drugs and some may even do a sleep evaluation to ensure the aspiring drivers are capable of getting enough sleep to be well rested before heading out on the open road. All of these things go to ensuring the drive is physically capable of being on the road for hours and hours a day.

Why Are They Important?

DOT Exams are mandatory for all aspiring semi-truck drivers in the United States. In other words, drivers can’t get their commercial driver’s license without taking one. As you may know, semi-truck accidents are quite common–and can be disastrous and devastating. DOT exams help to reduce the number of accidents on the road by making sure drivers are prepared to take on the job. Without them, the number of accidents would most likely significantly increase.

Where Can You Get a DOT Exam?

If you need to take a DOT exam to earn your commercial driver’s license, El Paso Family and Pediatric Clinic can help. We offer DOT exams to anyone with the goal of becoming a semi-truck driver. We know that they are important to keeping our roads safe, which is why we want to help.

Why Choose El Paso Family and Pediatric Clinic?

Sure, there are probably a couple of places around the El Paso community that offer DOT exams. However, not all of them allow them on a walk-in basis. That’s right. With us, you don’t have to make an appointment and we’ll ensure your stay with us is quick and efficient. When you come in, we’ll administer the exam and make sure all of the necessary paperwork is sent to the agency you are going through to earn your commercial driver’s license. With us, you’ll be well on your way to taking the next step in your career. Call us today for more information!

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