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Sports Physicals in El Paso 

If your child enjoys the great outdoors and wants to participate in physical activities at school, they’re going to need a sports physical from a local medical professional. Our highly-reviewed, walk-in clinic is proud to support your child’s aspirations and hobbies with our availability of sports physicals. We have years of experience in providing reliable and timely services to get your child’s physical done as soon as possible. With a trusted and bilingual physician on staff and ready to help, there is no one that tops the El Paso Family & Pediatric Clinic. Choose a reliable medical center for the best services, today! 

Sports Physicals – Why They’re Important

A sports physical not only clears your child to participate in extracurricular activities but it can also help in detecting potentially life-threatening conditions early on. The earlier you catch potential health conditions, the better. Our professionals can provide you and your child with the best medical care possible. This is why schools demand physicals to be done when trying out for sports. 

What Do We Check During a Physical?

During a physical exam, our staff may draw blood, assess your child’s medical history, take your vital signs, and conduct a heart, neck, and lung, and head exam. Each of these examinations is intended to indicate if eyesight, breathing, hearing, blood pressure, and heart rate are all functioning normally. 

Baby Physical Schedule

Your infant should have a physical done every three months during the first year of their life. These physical exams are essential as your child grows drastically during this time frame. We will check and assess growth, hemoglobin, a TB skin test (if deemed necessary), and the need for vaccinations. 

Yearly Children’s Physicals

Plenty can happen in a year. If your child underwent surgery or had an accident that affected their mental or physical health, a physical can help indicate if they are in a healthy condition. After the age of five, children should have physicals done once a year, but no less than twice a year. 

Sports Physicals

In sports physicals, a medical professional will determine if your child can participate in sports and physical activity. Your child’s well being can easily be affected if they experience any injuries or accidents. A professional may also address any underlying issues unrelated to athletic concerns. 

Benefits of Choosing EP Family & Pediatric Clinic

When you choose us, you can expect efficient and timely services. We understand that you and your child are likely running on tight schedules which is why we conduct physical examinations in a time frame that best works with you. We will inform you immediately if we detect any health conditions that your child may have. 

Insurance Information

El Paso Family & Pediatric Clinic proudly accepts all health insurance. You can also learn more about how your health insurance policy can be applied to our services. 

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It’s clear how crucial physical exams are for your child’s health and wellbeing. If you want your child to receive the best care possible, contact us today to learn more about you can get started with us.