The Importance of Children’s Vaccines in El Paso

Throughout their lives, children should receive a series of vaccinations to prevent them from getting and spreading diseases and epidemics. Vaccinations safely protect your children from deadly illnesses. While the number of vaccinations your child receives throughout childhood is rather large, it’s much better than becoming frequently ill. Besides mild pain at the application site, children’s vaccinations have little to no side effects. Our clinic here in El Paso is dedicated to keeping your child healthy.

How Do Vaccinations Help?

A few examples of vaccinations include DTaP, which prevents diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis and varicella. This combats chicken pox. There are multiple vaccinations your child should get throughout the course of their lives. As a baby, they typically have frequent doctor visits because of this.

Which Children’s Vaccinations Will They Need?

By the time your child is six months, they should have received their DTaP, Rotavirus, inactivated poliovirus, pneumococcal, and hepatitis A and B vaccines. By 15 months, they should have their measles, mumps, rubella and varicella vaccines.

When your child becomes a pre-teen, they should receive their human papillomavirus vaccine, a timely vaccine that prevents HPV. While HPV can be harmless, it can often result in cancer, so it’s important they receive the vaccination. In addition, it’s important they get yearly influenza shots and keep their other vaccines up to date, like tetanus, which needs to be readministered every ten years.

How Does a Vaccination Work?

Children’s vaccinations work by exposing your body to small amounts of weakened antigens, parts of viruses and diseases that infect you and make you sick. This helps your body build up antibodies in defense of these illnesses. Humans are susceptible to many diseases, but vaccinations combat them, saving your child’s and their peers’ lives. It’s imperative to have your child vaccinated so their bodies can build up these antibodies in advance. This way, if they ever come in contact with someone who is sick, their immune system can defend itself.

Our team knows children’s vaccinations can be scary for your little one. We administer them with as much comfort and care as possible in order to make the process easier for them. We can also help keep you and your child on track. No one enjoys being sick, so at El Paso Family and Pediatric, we’re here to help.

We are Here to Help

Your child’s well-being is our specialty at El Paso Family & Pediatrics Clinic. It’s important to maintain a schedule, so they receive the physicals and vaccinations they need to lead healthy lives. We’re here to ensure that your child stays healthy and meets all of their milestones.