Children’s Physicals in El Paso

Children's Physicals

At our clinic, your child’s development is very important to us. To ensure your child’s health is up to par, it’s important that they’re up to date with their yearly physicals and vaccines. At El Paso Family and Pediatric, we can take care of your child year after year with routine vaccinations, physicals, and other assessments. The great thing about our clinic is the fact that we are a family practice. You and your child don’t have to visit two different doctors. You can even schedule your appointments together.

Baby Physical Schedule

Children need more frequent physical exams as newborns than they do as teenagers. Even if your baby is perfectly healthy, they will see a doctor plenty of times before their first birthday. The first two years of your child’s life are very important to growth and development. We prefer to see your child at 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, and 24 months. At each physical, they will receive a full exam and appropriate vaccines. Dr. Griego will make sure your child is developing correctly and reaching milestones. Once your child is two, you can begin bringing them once or twice each year for a checkup.

Yearly Children’s Physicals

Yearly children’s physicals assess everything from vision and hearing to hemoglobin and urine. Children’s physicals are important to ensure your child is on the right track to a healthy future. Physicals test for chronic issues, concussions, and deficiencies. They’re also a good opportunity for you and your child to ask questions about things you are confused about, including puberty, sex, and common ailments.

During your child’s physical, we look for potentially life-threatening abnormalities and irregularities, measure growth and make sure your child is happy and healthy. We encourage you to bring your child in for a physical at each milestone.

As a teenager, your child is introduced to many new experiences, so it’s important to monitor their mental and physical health. Mental health becomes more of a factor in their health in the teens. Once they hit this age due to the many life changes, they may have more emotional and mental struggles. Physicals give them the opportunity to regularly discuss these things with a doctor while also monitoring their health and wellbeing.

All in all, children’s physicals are very important for your child’s health. At El Paso Family and Pediatric, we provide the best care to ensure your child is taken care of at all ages. Contact us today!