How To Control Allergy Symptoms This Spring

El Paso is known for its allergy season. For some, it lasts year-round; for others, it just comes around when pollen spreads. It doesn’t matter if you’re on one side or the other; allergies are a pain. Finding a way to control allergies can become a struggle, no matter which category you fall under. El Paso is a unique city in the sense that our weather doesn’t let many rest when it comes to stuffy noses and congested headaches. So, how do so many people keep them under control year-round? What can you do to prevent allergies in the first place? There are many factors, but we may have a few solutions to begin your journey to an allergy-controlled life.  

Get An Allergy Test 

Getting an allergy test may reveal information that you never knew about yourself. A professional needs to apply the test to you and do so in a controlled environment. You essentially get either blood tests or skin tests performed. Skin tests will give fast results, and they typically cost less than blood work. You get a puncture or scratch test done, and it checks for about 50 different substances all at once. It can be done on your arm or back, and you will see dots flare up if you’re allergic to a particular substance. It’s a painless process, and you won’t feel more than mild discomfort if there is a reaction. 

Blood tests, on the other hand, just involve a single needle prick. They can help detect and measure the allergen antibodies in your blood. These antibodies show what you’re protected from since they’re created when your body comes in contact with an allergen. These antibodies have your cells release chemicals that cause allergy symptoms. The antibody linked with the response is called immunoglobulin E (IgE). These tests will look at the most common types of allergic reactions, and they do take some time to get results back. 

Let The Neti Pot Flow 

Yes, they’re kinda weird. They do feel a bit odd, especially at first. However, they do work. A neti pot is the equivalent of a magical lamp for allergies. It holds a saline solution and clean, filtered water to pour into your nose. Don’t use tap water; if you must, then boil it first and let it cool to room temperature before doing so to prevent infection or burns. The liquid will push the mucus out and help clear out any stuffy or congested feelings you may have. Doing this once in the morning and before bed can do wonders for your breathing and overall nasal allergies.

A deeper explanation for how the neti pot works is how it works with cilia in your nose. Cilia are small, hair-like structures that are lined along the nasal and sinus cavities. They move back and forth to push mucus around to either your nose or the back of your throat (gross) and help the mucus escape. It’s a great help if you have a cold, flu, or any sinus infection. 

Simple Tricks To Keep Allergies In Control 

If you have mild allergy symptoms but still bothersome, you have a few simple tricks to help you out. These are recommended for anyone just to flush out everything that sticks to you on the day-to-day, especially if you’re outside often. 

Quick Showers

Showering once you get home for the day can do wonders for your allergies. Doing this right when you get home for the day benefits your whole home. For one, you won’t trace in all the pollen and dirt that’s probably been triggering your allergies all day across your home and furniture. This becomes especially important when it comes to sleeping. If you have pollen in your hair and then go to bed, then you’ll sleep in that pollen all night. 

Wash Frequently

This goes for your clothes and your bedding. Washing bedding at least once a week or even swapping out pillowcases can make a big difference. Sometimes the dust, pollen, and dirt from outside will settle onto your pillow and sheets. Avoid waking up with a stuffy or runny nose by staying clean. 

See An Allergy Doctor

If these symptoms continue and continue and continue, schedule an appointment with an allergy doctor. Your regular doctor can usually give you a prescription that will take care of things. However, if nothing changes or symptoms worsen, then schedule an appointment as soon as possible. 

EP Family Can Help Treat Your Allergy Symptoms! 

We can help you gain control of your allergies and many of the symptoms that occur with them. You can schedule an appointment for you and your whole family! Let us know how we can help you live a healthier and happier life. 

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