Preparing For The Upcoming Flu Season

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The flu, as you may know, is no walk in the park. The flu can keep you bedridden, suffering from a host of symptoms, and can even lead to other complications down the line. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the upcoming flu season. 

2019 Flu Season Predictions

Taking a look at the Southern Hemisphere’s flu season, it may not be a good sign for us. Australia, in particular, was hit with a particularly severe season, and they are usually a good indicator of what will happen here. It’s important to get vaccinated early on, so you won’t be feeling the effects of a particularly nasty flu. 

Importance of Vaccines

Vaccines are our way of building immunity to a virus. Basically, a vaccine consists of being given a weak or dead version of a virus so your body can develop antibodies to fight it. To keep the flu at bay, get the vaccine as soon as you can. 

Choosing El Paso Family & Pediatric Clinic

Here at El Paso Family and Pediatric Care, we administer vaccines and just about everything you’ll need in regular care. Contact us today to set up your appointment! 

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