Living with a Chronic Disease | Tips to Improve Quality of Life

patient talking to a doctor about dealing with chronic illness - only arms on desk showing of both doctor and patientA chronic disease diagnosis can be overwhelming and hard to adjust to. Adults may have the understanding to cope with this diagnosis, but can find life adjustments hard. Children may not be able to understand the complexity of such a diagnosis, but usually have the flexibility to adjust to their new limitations of such an illness. Yet adult and child both have to learn how to live with their new reality, and there will be some bumps in the road. If you are an adult caretaker of a child with a chronic disease, the constant worry and monitoring can also take its toll. That is why at El Paso Family and Pediatric Clinic, we strive to help our patients and their caregivers not just manage their symptoms, but provide tips to help adjusting to these huge life changes.

Adults Living with a Chronic Disease

There are some chronic diseases that are diagnosed very early on. Illnesses like cystic fibrosis are diagnosed very early on, which means an adult patient usually has had plenty of time and practice living with their condition. However, it can still prove to be a mental challenge at times. Other conditions, like asthma, diabetes, and heart disease can pop up at any age. These prove to be more difficult to adjust to, especially when the condition puts considerable limitations on how you need to live your life in order to manage your illness. Some people fall into depression, or develop other negative reactions.

Children Diagnosed with a Chronic Disease

For a parent, it can be terrifying to hear your child has a chronic illness that will likely affect them for the rest of their lives. Now imagine being a child hearing the same thing. While we assume that a child may not understand the enormity of such a thing, they still will realize that something is wrong. They will notice if they can’t run like the other kids, or do things that other kids can. It can create a very lonely and isolated existence.

Caretakers of Children with a Chronic Illness

As parents, we are already tasked with the enormous responsibility of keeping your child alive, happy, and healthy. When you add a chronic disease into the mix, it only multiplies the worry and stress we experience everyday. Depending on the chronic disease, caring can involve monitoring, medications, treatments, and much more.

Managing Your Life and Illness

At El Paso Family and Pediatric Clinic, we care about how our patients are feeling as well as how they are dealing with their circumstances. There are ways to help everyone improve their lives as much as possible. Keeping a journal, making a game out of monitoring symptoms, and making sure you are taking time for yourself are just some ways both patients and caregivers can manage the everyday stress of living with a chronic disease. It’s important to not only manage your disease, but also ensure that you are not letting it take over your life. Adults and kids all over the world live with chronic diseases, and it doesn’t need to define who they are. Let us help you find the balance you need- make your appointment today!

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