What Does a DOT Exam Entail?

Doctor conducting a DOT exam on a middle aged manIf you are in need of a DOT exam in El Paso there is no need to be nervous. While you may be wondering what the test consists of, it is quite simple. The exam is a medical evaluation required by each state’s Depart of Transportation to gauge a person’s medical fitness for job performance reasons. Because some driving jobs directly impact the safety of other motorists, this test can be quite important. Take a look at these facts and tips.

What Does a DOT Exam Entail?

The doctor will first conduct an interview or have you fill out forms to find out about your medical history, existing issues and the overall current state of health. They will take your vitals and make sure there are no obvious existing problems. Then the doctor will test vision and hearing and conduct a physical examination. The physical exam will be a general, in-depth look over to ensure your eyes, ears, mouth, heart, lungs, spine, and all other areas are in optimal shape. There will also be a urinalysis to ensure you do not have existing medical conditions like diabetes and that there are no drugs in your system. The exam is administered by a certified medical professional.

Be Prepared

In order to ensure that the test goes as smoothly as possible, you should be ready. You may need to bring specific medical records with you. If you use a hearing aid or glasses you will want to bring in medical records for that. You will also want to bring in recent labs for Hemoglobin A1C if you have diabetes. Medical records will also be required for anyone leading with heart troubles or any other health-related issues. Many people think that their troubles will keep them from passing the test. However, many health issues will not keep you from driving for a living. It is a matter of providing documentation and showing that your health is all in good order.

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As you can see, there is no real reason to worry about your upcoming DOT exam in El Paso. It is all a matter of bringing in the proper paperwork and taking part in the exam. Our doctor at El Paso Family & Pediatrics Clinic conducts DOT exams on a regular basis. We take walk-in appointments as well for those that are in a time crunch. Be sure to give us a call or visit us today.

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